An Evening at the Farmer’s Market was a first for me. Francesca creatively organized all the details and made efficient use of my time. Campo + Company collaboration helped us exceed our expectations for a local, green and successful fundraiser. I can’t imagine doing it again without Campo + Company.
— Michele Foster Aquidneck Land Trust “Fiesta Verde”
Thank you so much for once again creating a smooth running, impeccable and financially successful event. Your attention to details, management of volunteers, committee members, chefs, caterers and overall event management while being an oasis of calm is a blessing! You have contributed greatly to the success of “Taste of Newport” through innovative fundraising ideas, to include the unique and successful Live Auction .With six years running, I would not want to do the event without you!
— Keith Tavares - Vice President of Institutional Advancement Child & Family "Taste of Newport"
What a fabulous evening on Saturday!!! The Moveable Feast could not have been run more smoothly or more elegantly. Everything, from the invitations to food, logistics, volunteers, houses, et al was perfection. Congratulations on yet another Triumph for Campo & Co. You are a star!!!
— Susan Watts The Redwood Library & Athenaeum - "Moveable Feast"
What a resource for this island you have proven to be! Knowing first hand the innumerable details that must go into a successful event, I counted myself lucky that you were at my side when I co-chaired the Redwood Revel.

Your talents for organization, follow through, troubleshooting and diplomacy coupled with an even and upbeat disposition provide your clients with a most welcome professional resource.
— Bettie Bearden Pardee Co-Chair The Redwood Library - Summer Gala
There is NO ONE in Newport who can handle an event better than you! You know all the vendors, all the players, keep a level head and your wits about you at all times, and, best of all, you have a great sense of humor. Working with you on over 5 events, three of which I was a Chairman of, you have always made everything work out perfectly. Frankly, you would be perfect for New York or Boston but I hope you don’t spread your wings and leave Newport in the lurch. Anyone who works with you should count themselves very lucky indeed.
— Nannette C. Herrick , Co-Chair The Redwood Library "Redwood Revel," "The Redwood Does Gershwin," "The Redwood Does Broadway," "The Moveable Feast," Co-Chair - Aquidneck Land Trust "Fiesta Verde"